Saturday, July 6, 2019

Family Party Stamp Set

Hi everyone!  It has been a while since I've made a video and it feels so good to be back.  My little hiatus all started with a family vacation back in November and I decided to take some time off during the holidays just to keep my stress level down.  Then things started getting crazy around here...mostly with my youngest son.  In January he had a skiing accident and was taken by ambulance to a Children's hospital from the mountain.  It was all pretty dramatic but thankfully he only ended up with a serious concussion.  If you've ever dealt with a concussion protocol, you know how much fun that was.  
In addition to the ski accident, he had been battling different sickness off and on the entire school year where he would run a fever for about a week.  Then in April he started running a high fever (104-105 usually) that lasted over 30 days.  I won't bore you with all the details but he had to be pulled from school for the last 3 months and we spent several days a week going to specialists (Pediatrician, Rheumatology, Infectious Disease, ENT) and having a million tests run.  He ended up having surgery at the beginning of June to remove his tonsils and now he is doing really well.  

We never did figure out what is causing all of the fevers and back pain but we do know all of the tests have come back that he's a very healthy boy.  He got to go back to school for the final week.  He was really missing all of his friends.  It's been crazy but I think we're finally getting back to "normal" around here.  I'm finally back in my craft room and that makes me happy!

So, I have a video for you today.  I made a sweet graduation card using the Family Party stamp set.  I know, graduation season just ended, but I'm getting a head start on next year since I know a lot of upcoming graduates.  

The primary colors are:

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